Pushing Myanmar Yangon Premiere

I’m in Yangon getting ready for the Pushing Myanmar Premiere!

I’ve spent the last two weeks working with Ali Drummond and the skateboard community to get the film finished and ready for two screenings.

We have a invite only screening at Myanmar Deitta on Sunday night followed by a public one on Monday night.

Pushing Myanmar will be released online through the Ride Channel on January 11th 2017.

DDU Episode 3!

Diaries Downunder Episode 3 is here, the last for the 2016 season. It’s been a great winter being part of the crew filming with Heath Patterson and editing each episode. Nick Hyne has done a fantastic job producing the 9th series in a row, which is quite the accomplishment.

He has also been the main talent for each of those years and continues to throw down each and every time. There are few people in the world that are as committed and passionate as he is about snowboarding and putting out the best product possible. Enjoy the episode below and head over to Diaries Downunder to watch all of the episodes from over the years.

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42 Below Filming

It’s been a super fun week working on the 42 Below Cocktail Earth Cup.

I’ve been working with Nick Hyne and the Diaries Downunder produced 42 Below Cocktail Earth Cup with Johnny James on stills and the wizard that is Andy Bamford  on editing duties.

The event is a 3 day challenge for the 20 best bartenders from Australia and New Zealand as they compete for the title of Best Cocktail Bartenders.

We filmed around Queenstown choosing to shoot on the Sony A7s2 and Canon lenses. Most of the content was shot in 4K at 25fps with the exception of a small few. Media was delivered each day to Andy and he was tasked with putting together 60 second daily highlight reels for Facebook and Instagram before a final wrap up.

Highlights are below with the wrap up to follow tomorrow.

Day 1  – Facebook

Day 2 – Facebook

Day 3 Morning – Facebook

Day 3 Evening – Facebook

Wrap Video – Facebook

Diaries Downunder Ep 2!

Mount Cook Heli, as Good as it Gets!

In this episode we venture to the heart of the Southern Alps, Mount Cook National Park. Mount Cook is New Zealand’s highest mountain peak. Cascading out of the valley floor above Lake Pukaki – this is one of the more scenically epic locations in the world and we got to snowboard here – and it was incredible!

With the use of a helicopter, the crew are scooped up to a field of insane New Zealand terrain that is covered in ‘marshmallow-like’ knee deep powder snow. Nick Brown, Stef Zeestraten and Nick Hyne waste no time in finding every last nook and cranny on the mountain to jump off and hack to pieces.

Riders: Nick Hyne, Stef Zeestraten, Nick Brown
DOP: Heath Patterson
Additional film: James Holman
Edit: James Holman

Publisher: Brightmind Music
Artist: Black Hat Brigade
Song: Zombie City Shake

Thank you to Mount Cook Heli and Alpine Guides for helping us make this episode come together!

Diaries Downunder Ep 1!

Diaries Downunder Episode 1 “Gems of Wanaka” is available online now!

For this episode we pulled together a crew that really knows how to ride powder, a crew of local rippers that knows the joys of finding incredible terrain and absolutely shredding it to pieces in their back yard. From the deepset backcountry experience of Will Jackways and Nick Brown to the unique, eyeball popping style of Mahi Mains – we really show the mountains of Wanaka at their true potential.

The crew head to Cardrona and Treble Cone in this episode and damn do they score it!! Winter has hit with a ferocious force and the crew hit the mountains of Wanaka from every angle. From the postcard worthy views of Treble Cone combined with the most epic terrain to complement a powder day (which the crew do) to the immaculate slopes of Cardrona, this episode is action packed with….action! Winter is here and it is doing a good job at continuing to deliver the goods!

Nick Hyne, Nick Brown, Stef Zeestraten, Mahi Mains, Will Jackways.

DOP: Heath Patterson
Camera 2: James Holman
Edit: James Holman


Song One
Publisher: Brightmind Music
Artist: Secret Connection
Song: Blackout

Song Two:
Artist: Cymatix
Song: Man without Fear

New Showreel!

I am hyped to have put together a new showreel which you can see below.

After a lot of work with Ngāi Tahu and Blue Bay travel over the past six months, I have had time to put together a new reel. I’m aiming to keep updating this over the next 6 months with new work and will keep you up to date!


Diaries Downunder Winter

After a couple of weeks spent editing two Diaries Downunder jobs, I am now contracted to them on a part time basis for the rest of the winter.

Primarily based as an editor for the coming winter episodes, I will also assist with filming and production.

Follow Diaries Downunder on Instagram.

Diaries Downunder Editing

I’m pleased to announce I have been contracted to Diaries Down Under for most of the week.

Diaries recently filmed some new content for NZSki aimed at showing tourists how to get everything they need before they head up to the Coronet and Remarkables ski fields.

I have been editing the footage in Final Cut Pro X delivering 1 x 20 and 1 x 30 second videos for hotel lobbies and the new downtown wifi.

LUMA Queenstown

The inaugural LUMA Southern Lights Project was held in the Queenstown Gardens this past weekend and I was part of the production team covering the event.

LUMA Queenstown News on TV3 New Zealand

An edit of the event will be available soon but for now you can check out a news piece here of footage I shot.

Video Production, Queenstown.