42 Below Filming

It’s been a super fun week working on the 42 Below Cocktail Earth Cup.

I’ve been working with Nick Hyne and the Diaries Downunder produced 42 Below Cocktail Earth Cup with Johnny James on stills and the wizard that is Andy Bamford  on editing duties.

The event is a 3 day challenge for the 20 best bartenders from Australia and New Zealand as they compete for the title of Best Cocktail Bartenders.

We filmed around Queenstown choosing to shoot on the Sony A7s2 and Canon lenses. Most of the content was shot in 4K at 25fps with the exception of a small few. Media was delivered each day to Andy and he was tasked with putting together 60 second daily highlight reels for Facebook and Instagram before a final wrap up.

Highlights are below with the wrap up to follow tomorrow.

Day 1  – Facebook

Day 2 – Facebook

Day 3 Morning – Facebook

Day 3 Evening – Facebook

Wrap Video – Facebook