Yangon Calling

It’s been awesome to be back in Yangon for the first time in 4 months. It’s felt like I’ve been away forever, after coming every couple for 6 months.

I’ve been back working at Artisa Film as camera-operator on their slate of projects. We have shot two television commercials in the last week and are prepping for one over the next couple of days.

ARTISA is working with Playhouse Pictures out of Vietnam on the next one this weekend. The DoP is shooting Red Helium and I’ll be operating that on the easy rig as well as a Sony F5 as the second unit when required.

From here Artisa starts shooting a U.N. project next week with Ali Drummond producing and myself directing / DoP’ing.

There are a couple of unconfirmed commercials in the pipeline after that before or after I return to NZ in early November.

At this stage I’m looking at being back out here in December pending work at home and look forward to being part of a project that will possibly take me to Kurdistan in March. Stay tuned!