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Episodes 1 & 2 of Storyboards Lite on!


Storyboards Lite is now available on for those without access to Setanta Sports. Mpora will show the abbreviated version of the television episode every Tuesday.

Don’t forget to check back here every Friday for more dedicated online content. On friday morning an archive edit from our Curb Surfers day will go live featuring a day in the life of Vans UK rider, Ben Nordberg.
Storyboards Lite Part 1 // Storyboards Lite Part 2

Watch the Storyboards Trailer on

Mpora Pure Action Sports
Storyboards Trailer

The site is currently experiencing a high volume of traffic at the moment that may effect the speed the videos are loading. If you want to watch the Storyboards trailer we recommend that you check it out on here

Don’t forget that if you don’t have Setanta Sports that you can catch Storyboards ‘Lite’ on Mpora every Wednesday from the 10th June. And hit STORYBOARDS on the right hand menu or on the MEDIA tab for Online content!

Storyboards Trailer Live!

Storyboards Trailer is Live!
Storyboards Trailer

With Storyboards due to air next week, here is a trailer of what to expect!

Storyboards is a four part, thirty minute, mini-series covering European skateboard events and more. Starting in the UK with coverage of the Ride With Us tour, we head to London for the Crossfire Jam, Yorkshire for the Concrete Carnival, Basel and Prague for the European Championships and Mystic Cup respectively as well as featuring a trip to Australia and the first UK Championships in nearly a decade.

Tune into Setanta Sports 2 and for Storyboards.

Storyboards on Setanta Sports

Setanta Sports

Setanta Sports

It has been almost a year since we embarked on a long journey to bring skateboarding back to British television but we are finally there. After a couple of false starts, we can now confirm that Storyboards will be shown in the UK and Ireland on Setanta Sports. The scheduled air date at the moment is for Tuesday 9th June for episode 1 of this 4 part mini-series. We expect air date confirmation early this week and will post them as soon as we know.