Camera-Operator and Editor.

I have worked on Diaries Downunder as a freelance contractor over the past several winter seasons in Queenstown.

For winter 2016 and 2017, I wass contracted to them to help produce, work as second camera operator and lead editor for the series.

Diaries Down Under Episode 2, 2017:

Riders: Nick Brown, Nick Hyne, Rob Mitchell, Jack Spence
Filming: Heath Patterson, James Holman
Stills: Vaughan Brookfield.
Edit: James Holman
Locations: Auckland, Rotorua, Taupo, Ohakune, Mt Ruapehu (Whakapapa and Turoa Ski Resorts)

My Torn Jacket
By Montorama Music

Diaries Down Under Episode 1, 2017:

Client Liaison: Monte Morgan, Harvey Miller, Tom Tilley, Geordie Miller
Riders: Nick Brown, Nick Hyne, Carlos Garcia Knight, Stef Zeestraten, Matt Cox
Filming: James Holman, Heath Patterson, Marcus Skin, Ben Ryan, Ben Vercauteren
Stills: Mark Clinton
Edit: James Holman
Locations: Cardrona Alpine Resort, Treble Cone, Soho Basin Cat Ski, Ripon Hall

World Of Our Love
Written by M.Morgan/H.Miller (Mushroom Music)
Performed by Client Liaison
Licensed courtesy of Remote Control Records

Diaries Down Under Episode 2, 2016:

Riders: Nick Hyne, Stef Zeestraten, Nick Brown
DOP: Heath Patterson
Additional film: James Holman
Edit: James Holman

Publisher: Brightmind Music
Artist: Black Hat Brigade
Song: Zombie City Shake

Diaries Down Under Episode 1, 2016:

DoP: Heath Patterson
Second Camera: James Holman
Additional Shooting: Pip Smith
Editor: James Holman

Song One
Artist: Cymatix
Song: Man without Fear
Song Two
Publisher: Brightmind Music
Artist: Secret Connection
Song: Blackout