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Heli Reel

Heli Reel
Heli Reel

With the Ultimate Hikes work we have been producing, we’ve had a lot of time filming from the helicopters over both the Routeburn and Milford Tracks.

Click the image on the left or here to have a look at our heli reel. Thanks go out to Ultimate Hikes, Heliworks and pilots Pilots John Haora and Scott Theyers.

Hot Knees on the Ultimate Hike

Ultimate Hikes
Ultimate Hikes

We are very pleased to announce that we have been commissioned to produce all the new promotional content for Ultimate Hikes in New Zealand.

This involves producing promotional content for each day of the Routeburn and Milford Sound guided walks. We have completed production on the Routeburn guided walk and are due to start on the Milford Sound hike next week.

A 20 second spot from the Guided walk is available to view here with the individual day edits to follow soon.

News Update – Commercial, Burma and More

James is still in New Zealand and recently completed work on a Becel Pro.Activ commercial shot in Queesntown and airing in Canada in the new year. We’ll have a link up once the commercial airs.

It’s been a long journey but our Burma documentary is nearing the final cut. Further to this, James is heading back to Burma in February to do some more work out there, we’ll have more on this nearer the time.

There are a couple of other pieces in the pipeline, which we’ll update you on in the new year.

News Update: Monster, NZSki and more!

News has been a little slow of late, but it hasn’t meant we haven’t been busy, quite the opposite! We’ve had a commission from Monster Energy Drinks that Alex has been taking care of whilst James has currently in New Zealand working on two projects.

Over the next 6 months, James will be looking after all the film, video and editing responsibilities for New Zealand’s premiere ski company, NZSki.

We’ll have some videos relating to both Monster and NZSki going up in the next couple of weeks.

Creation Station Testimonials

Creation Station Testimonials
Creation Station Testimonials

Hot Knees Media was recently commissioned to work with the UK Business Woman of the Year, Sarah Cressall and her company, the Creation Station. We produced four videos in total, including a promo, testimonials, a video on how to run a training session and a video for potential franchise owners. Click on the image to see the testimonials and find out more at The Creation Station.

All Storyboards ‘Lite’ content on MPORA

Storyboards Lite online
Storyboards Lite on Mpora now!

All the Storyboards ‘Lite’ content is live on now. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out head over there now. In addition to the ‘lite’ versions of the 4 broadcast episodes there is also much more additional content that didn’t make it into the show such as a week in Paris, a feature at the Stoke Plaza and an interview with Mark ‘Fos’ Foster, owner and designer for both Heroin and Landscape Skateboards.

Episodes 1 & 2 of Storyboards Lite on!


Storyboards Lite is now available on for those without access to Setanta Sports. Mpora will show the abbreviated version of the television episode every Tuesday.

Don’t forget to check back here every Friday for more dedicated online content. On friday morning an archive edit from our Curb Surfers day will go live featuring a day in the life of Vans UK rider, Ben Nordberg.
Storyboards Lite Part 1 // Storyboards Lite Part 2

Watch the Storyboards Trailer on

Mpora Pure Action Sports
Storyboards Trailer

The site is currently experiencing a high volume of traffic at the moment that may effect the speed the videos are loading. If you want to watch the Storyboards trailer we recommend that you check it out on here

Don’t forget that if you don’t have Setanta Sports that you can catch Storyboards ‘Lite’ on Mpora every Wednesday from the 10th June. And hit STORYBOARDS on the right hand menu or on the MEDIA tab for Online content!