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Diaries Downunder Winter

After a couple of weeks spent editing two Diaries Downunder jobs, I am now contracted to them on a part time basis for the rest of the winter.

Primarily based as an editor for the coming winter episodes, I will also assist with filming and production.

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Diaries Downunder Editing

I’m pleased to announce I have been contracted to Diaries Down Under for most of the week.

Diaries recently filmed some new content for NZSki aimed at showing tourists how to get everything they need before they head up to the Coronet and Remarkables ski fields.

I have been editing the footage in Final Cut Pro X delivering 1 x 20 and 1 x 30 second videos for hotel lobbies and the new downtown wifi.

LUMA Queenstown

The inaugural LUMA Southern Lights Project was held in the Queenstown Gardens this past weekend and I was part of the production team covering the event.

LUMA Queenstown News on TV3 New Zealand

An edit of the event will be available soon but for now you can check out a news piece here of footage I shot.

Pushing Myanmar Filming

I recently returned  from Yangon filming a short documentary on the evolving skateboard scene in Myanmar.

Make Life Skate Life raised over $20k via Indie GoGo to build a skatepark late last year. I have been in Yangon making a short film about this which marks the culmination of a 7 year project. Pushing Myanmar is a direct follow up to Youth of Yangon and Altered Focus: Burma.


Pushing Myanmar

Last October we repurposed our documentary Youth of Yangon for Make Life Skate Life as a crowd funding campaign to build a skatepark in Myanmar. The Indie Go Go project successfully met it’s target, raising $21,525 and the park was built in November 2015.

In April 2016, I will return to Myanmar to produce a short documentary on the skateboard scene and the impact the park has had on the community there. It will the third and final film in a six year journey that has included the award-winning Altered Focus: Burma and Youth of Yangon.

Sunday Skateboarding

With a  lovely day in Queenstown today I thought I’d head up to the Remarkables and take some photos and a time-lapse.

I didn’t expect or even know about a downhill skateboarding community that exists here. As I made my way down I came across a group of them preparing for a run down and couldn’t miss the opportunity to get some photos. Check out the gallery below.

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Wilding Pines

Wilding & Co, a Queenstown based company is doing some incredible things with the wilding pines that are taken over Queenstown and parts of New Zealand.

Rather than spraying potentially damaging chemicals on them and leaving them to rot, they are harvesting them for their oils and turning it into a beautiful and sustainable business.

Recently James was on hand to do some aerial filming showing the harvesting process. Find out more here.

Meanwhile in NZ…

Air New Zealand have recently launched a “Meanwhile in NZ…” campaign. James worked on the first video which featured a Synchronised Skiing theme. This week the third and final commercial in the campaign was filmed and James was contracted once again as a Cinematographer.