Sherwood Video

I was recently contracted by Diaries Down Under to produce a short promotional video on the Sherwood Restaurant in Queenstown.

Working with Nick Hyne as producer and Sam Chapman, General Manager of the Sherwood, the video centred around the …

Diaries Downunder Winter

After a couple of weeks spent editing two Diaries Downunder jobs, I am now contracted to them on a part time basis for the rest of the winter.

Primarily based as an editor for the coming winter episodes, I will …

Diaries Downunder Editing

I’m pleased to announce I have been contracted to Diaries Down Under for most of the week.

Diaries recently filmed some new content for NZSki aimed at showing tourists how to get everything they need before they head up to …

LUMA Queenstown

The inaugural LUMA Southern Lights Project was held in the Queenstown Gardens this past weekend and I was part of the production team covering the event.

LUMA Queenstown News on TV3 New Zealand

An edit of the event will be available soon but for now you can …

New Videos Online

I directed several new commercials for Ngāi Tahu this year working with Josh Wallace as DoP.

I am a director, based in Queenstown, New Zealand and can be contacted via our ‘Contact’ tab.

Watch the latest videos on the Commercials

Toread BTS Video

Late last winter, I worked as Director of Photography on a Toread snow-sports commercial directed by Ricar Lee and starring Xia Yu.

A behind the scenes video is available below.

Pushing Myanmar Filming

I recently returned  from Yangon filming a short documentary on the evolving skateboard scene in Myanmar.

Make Life Skate Life raised over $20k via Indie GoGo to build a skatepark late last year. I have been in Yangon making a …

Franz Joseph Filming

I have been up in Franz Joseph for the past week with Storyworks’ Josh Wallace filming new content for Ngāi Tahu.

With two recce days and 5 shoot days we have been filming new content for the Franz Joseph Glacier …

Shotover Jet Commercial

At the beginning of March, I directed the new Shotover Jet Commercial.

The production of the World’s Most Exciting Jet Boat had been planned since the beginning of the year and in March a weather window, crew and talent …