Co-Director, Co-DoP and Joint Editor with Alex Pasquini.

Filmed in the summer of 2009 and released May 9th 2011, Altered Focus: Burma follows Alex Pasquini, Ali Drummond and myself as we travel across Yangon and Mandalay on our skateboards. The film explores the reaction to this unseen activity whilst touching on the political situation there.

We’d like to thank the Democratic Voice of Burma for supporting the project and providing us with archive footage from the 2007 Saffron protests. Altered Focus: Burma has been featured on CNN International News,, BBC World News,, and Transworld Skateboarding amongst others. It won an award for ‘Best Independent and Emerging Film-Maker’ at the 2011 International Skateboard Film Festival in Los Angeles. A big thank you to everyone who has watched, spread the word and supported the project.