Director, DoP and Editor.

Pushing Myanmar documents the change a free community skatepark has created in Yangon, Myanmar.

Skateboarding changes lives, it empowers young (and old) people giving them a creative space to express themselves. It is a scene, a culture and a sport that has no boundaries – race, colour, creed age, socio-economic background and age are all irrelevant in a skatepark. In a country and a city that has a distinct lack of green spaces, providing a free international standard skatepark has had a huge impact on kids getting active and being inspired.

Filmed between March 2016 and March 2017 the film is my third in a series that has documented the Myanmar skateboard scene beginning in 2009 with the Award Winning ‘Altered Focus: Burma’  before the Burmese language follow-up ‘Youth of Yangon’ in 2013.